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The UI Integrity Center, in partnership with the Information Technology Support Center (ITSC), has initiated a pilot project for the development of a national Suspicious Actor Repository (SAR).  The SAR is designed to collect “suspicious actor” information from participating states into the SAR database.  Data to be collected includes suspicious: IP addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts, and email addresses.  The SAR will then compare state claims information against the SAR data and flag data fields where matches have been identified. States can then use this information to conduct further investigations into specific claims as appropriate. 

The Center is currently working with several pilot states to develop and test the system.  The development of the SAR represents the first steps in developing the broader Integrity Data Hub (IDH) concept.  The IDH will access a multitude of data sources (including SAR) to expand state cross-matching and data retrieval. Click here to access the SAR fact sheet.