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NASWA’s Integrity Data Hub (IDH) is a centralized, multi-state data analysis tool which allows participating UI agencies to cross-match UI claims against a database of information associated with potentially fraudulent claims or overpayments. The IDH will also contain an expanded set of data sources including incarceration records, death records, etc., to provide advanced data analysis. The IDH is secure and offers multiple communications channels to support UI agencies with varying levels of resources and technology.

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Multi-State Claims

This critical tool allows participating states to submit current UI and PUA claims for cross-matching and receive notifications when potentially fraudulent claims are  filed in multiple states.

Fraud Alerting

States share information on emerging fraudulent activity within a secure messaging platform. Registered users receive email notifications when Fraud Alerts and created and updated.

Foreign IP Addresses

Using a foreign IP detection tool, states can receive flags on claims filed from IP addresses outside of the U.S.

Suspicious Email Domains

Participating states receive flags on claims containing email domains frequently associated with fraudulent activity

Data Analysis

As the only national database of state UI claims data, the Integrity Data Hub provides the unique ability to analyze national claims data and conduct cross-state analysis within the secure system.

Suspicious Actor Repository

Participating states match current claims against this state-populated database of fraudulent and suspicious claims data. The repository leverages the investigative power of all states for the benefit of each state.

Questions and Answers

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Recorded Webinars

Integrity Digital Hub Online Demonstration from 4/19/18

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