State Practices

The State Practices Portal is an information exchange application where states can explore ways to combat unemployment insurance (UI) fraud and improve integrity, and share their own state’s approaches to these issues.  As a storehouse for specific state policies, tools, and procedures, the State Practices Portal is also a resource for states’ successful practices.

The first phase of the State Practices Portal information exchange application focuses on benefits with a compilation of state tools and practices in the seven functional areas: 1) prevention/detection sources, 2) workflow, 3) investigations, 4) overpayment determinations, 5) collections, 6) prosecution, and 7) appeals.  States can use the application to sort by state, region, state size, or vendor.  

A model integrity operational blueprint feature is also included for each topic bringing together trade and business information with the recommendations and considerations to help states with ideas on improving to their benefits operations as it relates to UI fraud and improper payments.